The FREE novel workshop to rule them all! 😉

 You are ready to write this story, I can feel it!

The one that’s been bubbling up inside of you, keeping you awake at night with its imaginary worlds and compelling characters so loud you sometimes talk back. You’ve probably already written some notes or maybe even most of the book!

But, when you look at what you have, you’re worried it’s not reflecting what you really see inside your head. How do you organize all these thoughts, images, emotions and events into something that makes your reader keep turning the page? Where do you start? Where do you end? And what the hell goes in the middle?!

 In this FREE novel workshop we’ll explore…

Where to get started (before pen hits paper).

I do not think it is where you think it is!

The three basic elements of every good story.

They’re easy, but often overlooked.

The structure that works WITH your reader’s brain.

Instead of fighting against it.

What you need to cross that story finish line.

HINT: You won’t find it in a book!

So if you’re ready to [re]ignite your passion and jumpstart your storytelling, don’t wait! Register for the waitlist today.

Your story will thank you.

Deb has helped me in my writing journey in countless ways. She’s been a constant cheerleader, championing my talent and my work when I’ve doubted myself. Her kind words and encouragement have helped me continue to pursue my dream at times when I contemplated quitting. She also provides invaluable feedback and has such an eye for detail, especially in character consistency and story logic. Deb definitely has an ear for dialogue as well, and her critiques have helped me develop distinct voices for my characters.

Laura J. Moss

Best-selling Author

Hi, I’m Deb.

Kickass cheerleader, ass-kicking writing coach, and Molotov cocktail in Hello Kitty packaging. I help women fiction writers tell their stories and get paid doing it!

(Hey, if you want to be the stuck + starving artist, that’s cool. I’m just not your girl.)

I’ve been writing commercial fiction for the last 7+ years, coaching peeps for the last 3, and firing glitter cannons since I discovered I actually do like the color pink.

And I am so freaking excited to share all that experience with you via my own special blend of writing, woo, and personal development so you can reignite your passion, jumpstart your storytelling, and craft a novel others love reading.

*fires glitter cannon*

Let’s rock this thang!

Loves & hugs,

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